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haha thers a new blah mood thing, unless i never realized it was there. i meant to write this like 2 hours ago but i dont know what distracted me. think im going to bed early tonight.. was late to class this morning, come on duh its wedesday im always late unles we have a test, after that chugged along to the libria and saw eric, jen c called me and told me something surprising. im hapy for melanie :) just surprised they are talking again..i feel bad we havnet spoken at all :(
i realized alot today about alot of things.. first off i rush into things way to often, second, sometimes i push people away from just gettin a weird feeling about them, i dont know if the second one is a good or bad thing.
enough about that
i got an A on my last comm paper!! yay!! the one i spend the least time on i got an A go figure.
left lit early today, got my final, went to starbucks to get my tips which didnt amoutn up to much. im kind apissed but i only worked 3 days. blah that means next weeks are goign to suck donkey balls but waht am i suppose tto and skate kicked major assage!!
i need to wash my face. i put a new pic up today

ps. chet i apologize again for the misunderstand :)
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