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so i talk to this boy from out west from the fan club like all the time which hangs out with mxpx and is friends with them. tonight he asked if my birthday was tomaro. and im like uh huh. so he goes whats your fone number? and umm i was like why?!. well after i second i obliged figuring it was just my cell number anyways.. and so i began writing a paper(which i have yet to write the first sentence) and jen c calls ,and wen the fone rang i was like omgosh whos it going to be?!? it was jen i saw on the caller id and i talked ot her for awhle, then OMG the call waiting went off. im like area code 323 or something whos that? then im like jen hold on, i shoulda said illcall you back if i knew what was going to come, so i pick it up and the voice on the other end was like hi ann-marie? its your birthday tomaro and i wanted to say it a day early since i cant tomaro. (meanwhile i was like umm is this rich playing a joke ? omg it was MIKE HERRERA!) so taking a second to realize who it was, i was like omgosh thank you so much for calling!! so he went on talking to me, about how old i am going to be, and where i live, and that last nyc show they played and how much it kicked ass, and warped, and the 2 new albums, and the mxpx puppies and my puppies, and arthur and their band arthur. he thought that was funny.. how my puppies name was arthur hehe.and he kept sayin how the fan club is going to improve in the future and blah, ummo and how i never seen arthur before and how they have to come east and how the nyc show they last played he ranked one of the best of last year by him.and his wife and yuri's wife was in the backround..OMG!! im still in shock..just my favoritist bands singer, a normal guy calling me for my birthday!!!!!
this birthday might end up being the best ever.. lets just see how tomaro goes! ;)
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