Ann-Marie (rewindergirl37) wrote,

i think the day i understand this world and the people in it will be the day i die..

i agree with that profound thoguht of mine. i cant fucking type. i cant beleive there is absolutley nothing to eat in my house so i had to just resort to eating a soy onion burger. quite tasty but i woulda prefered my pal, frozen mac and cheese...
i dont have off for fucking lit im pissed, i have to try super hard tomaro to get somebody to cover my shift or switch with me.. :( im going ot be realy sad if they cant!!
blahblahblah..started studyin for the speech final.
boring. and i have no clue what my topic is going to be for the last speech. i cant think of any good events in my life to talk about, or a person that i can talk about or anything to talk about at all..
i hafta start writing for my lit final too which is this wednesday.. :( i picked an easy questoin just now have to find the quotes..
i hpe im making the right decison by choosing 4 easy sounding courses at my first semster at william paterson.
my sister set a date today for her wedding march 29 of next year. i cant bleieve they are doing it soo fast!!
ufb is playin in less then 3 weeks woohoo!
my birthday is in less then 2 weeks yay! but i really dont wanna be turning 20, not a teen anymore.. its really sad. im turning 12 instead :)
too much caffiene= annmarie closing starbucks like a madwomen, doing garbages all night, making everything clean super clean.
omgosh i was a nut tonight..
wow its 215am already wow. doesnt feel like that. where are all my aim peeps?!?!
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